Arrow Kleeman

Maximal minimalist polyrhythmic electronica.

Arrow Kleeman . Phase Reps & Builds 2011


From 1997-2004 I produced and performed electronic music under the name Lilienthal. Using only an Akai s3000xl sampler, an early Atari Stacy laptop computer with Creator sequencing software and whatever sounds I could make, I created a considerable catalogue of releases.

Lilienthal . Various

Lilienthal . Anti-Matter

Lilienthal . Tin Grey Black

Lilienthal . Castor & Pollux


Phase Reps And Builds, Cassette, Root Strata RS90, 2011

Expanding vs. Static, 10" Compilation, Static Caravan/Expanding Records, 2003

Anti-Matter, 10" EP, Delikatessen Records, 2002

Make Shift/Carousel, CD EP, Collaboration w/Sybarite w/Sonna, trl ltd., 2002

Make Shift/Carousel, 7", Collaboration w/Sybarite w/Sonna, Zeal Records, 2002

Tin Grey Black, 12" Mini Album, Static Caravan, 2001

Zealelectronic Pink, 7", Zealelectronic, 2000

Sets and Rises / Rises and Sets, 7" Split w/Tarentel, Awkward Silence Recordings, 2000

Castor & Pollux, CD Album, Emanate Records, 1999

Emanated, CD/LP x 2 Compilation, Emanate Records, 1998

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The Silver Apples

In 1996 my good friend and bandmate Xian Hawkins (Sybarite and Bell Horses) met Simeon of the the 1960's experimental band The Silver Apples. Upon learning that his old band was having a resurgence among the musically interested youth of the day, Simeon asked me, Xian, and Michael lerner (currently a member of The Antlers) to join him in relaunching The Silver Apples. soon after we played a sold out debut show at the Knitting Factory, and performed live on WFMU 91.1 fm.

Mobius Strip

I met, Xian Hawkins, my friend and collaborator at Pratt Institute in 1992 while we were both pursuing fine art degrees. We started playing guitars together soon after we met and we began to incorporate electronic elements into our music to make up for there only being two of us. Electronic music was starting to show up everywhere, particularly on the labels that we found ourselves attracted to.

We bought an Ensoniq EPS sampler, a roland drum machine, some effects and just started experimenting. since we were both multi-instrumentalists, playing live instruments remained at the center of our music. By 1994 we began calling our collaboration Mobius Strip while performing around New York City.

The Ochrana

The Ochrana, my high school new wave punk band, had a bit of a following in New York, in the late 1980's. Arrow Kleeman - guitar. Guy Richards Smit - vocals and bass. Diane Davis - bass. David Patti - drums.


I have been experimenting with sound for most of my life. We had an old upright piano in the living room of our brooklyn loft that was pretty much mine. I would spend hours impovising on it, and overdubbing myself using two boombox recorders. There was an old bass drum and snare that my uncle passed on to me, as well as a maroon electric guitar that looked like it had been built by someone's grandfather in a suburban basement somewhere. There was that Casio CZ-101 synthesizer I bought in elementary school with my own money, and a wooden banjo I made while at summer camp. In school a friend taught me a few guitar chords, which surprisingly stuck, and just enough for me to start a band once I could hold them down for more than a just a few seconds.